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Meet Blue

Critical information at first responders’ fingertips.

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What is Blue?

‘Blue’ is an AI platform that provides law enforcement officers with immediate access to accurate legal, policy, and community resources. It helps them avoid mistakes, de-escalate situations, fill out paperwork, and save time. Our mission is to improve outcomes for both officers and the communities they serve.

How It Works

- Use Blue on your smartphone, computer, or mobile data terminal. 
- Speak or type your question as you would to another person.  
- Get the exact quoted information you need from department documents in seconds. 
- If you need more detail, click Blue’s response to open the document to that specific page.
- Open any department forms and automatically fill and share forms from your device.
- View updated documents like policy and IAPs immediately on Blue.


Our Partners

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Instant Knowledge

Eliminate time-consuming searches through dense manuals. Provide officers with direct access to critical information in seconds, 50X faster than traditional document management systems.

Reduce Mistakes and Liability

By providing accurate information and reducing guesswork, Blue reduces legal and procedural oversights. In situations an officer encounters rarely, Blue offers immediate guidance, preventing mistakes stemming from outdated or misremembered information. 

Promote Confidence

Empower officers to perform their duties with greater assurance, knowing they have instant access to accurate information.

Continual Learning

By using "Blue" officers are continuously reminded of policies, procedures, laws, and best practices, reinforcing their training in the moment they need it most.

Reduce Stress

In high-pressure situations, having a quick and reliable information source can help to alleviate stress from uncertainty.

High Accuracy

Blue understands questions as a human would and identifies the most relevant resources and information, even with slight misspellings.

Save Time

In departments where manpower is limited, every second counts. Blue empowers each officer to operate with the knowledge base of a whole team, maximizing the output of each individual and making the most of available resources. With fewer mistakes made, officers can avoid the time-consuming process of revisiting scenes or correcting paperwork.

Improve Community Interactions

When officers have immediate answers, interactions with the public can be more informed and constructive, and tense situations can be deescalated.

Enhance Professionalism

By always having the most accurate and relevant data at their fingertips, officers can uphold the highest standards of their profession.

Fit into Daily Work

Use Blue synced across various devices, wherever you are. Easily accessible via a mobile device, mobile data terminal, and computer.

If you’d like more information, get in touch today.

Our Team.

The Blue Voice team includes leaders in Law Enforcement, technologists, public safety executives, and veterans. Our advisors include the former Undersecretary of Homeland, the Deputy Director of the Harvard Criminal Justice Institute, and numerous high-level police officers in the Massachusetts area.

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